Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Thoughts from My Study Journal

I have been writing in my study journal that I received from Hannah for Christmas. I like the makeup of the book very much because it contains plenty of space for writing and indexing what you write. The problem is that I can't even read what I write. We picked up a little quote in Philadelphia on our family trip in the '90's that we have framed. It is from Benjamin Franklin:
"If you would not be forgotten after you are dead and rotten, write something worth the reading or do something worth the writing." I don't pretend to be so profound as to not be forgotten, but after I am dead and rotten, it would be nice if someone wanted to do so, that they could actually read what I had written.

I tried to start another blog, but because it is generated from the same computer, it picked up the information on this site and I fear it will interfere with this one and change the profile and name, so I guess I will have to just use this one. So watch this space if you are interested.

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Britta said...

Dad...I'm assuming? I will be watching for your posts. I love the way you write.