Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthy Hapday, Jordan!

Any excuse we can think of, we try to bring the Garcia family over. Today was an especially good day - we celebrated Jordan's 28th birthday. Jordan was born on August 31, 1980 - 11 days past his due date (some things never change). It was a Sunday, just like today, we had come home from Church and ate. While Olivia was doing the dishes, she turned to me and said, "As soon as I finish these dishes, we'd better go to the hospital." We finished them quickly and went to the hospital. I knew I had to act quickly, because she had babies quickly, so I got her in and they started the prep while I registered her in the hospital. The doctor had just replaced me as the High Priests' Instructor and thought my jokes were really funny, so he asked me to give him some to use in his class. Olivia thought she should be the center of attention at this time and is still a bit put out that I was telling pig jokes while she was in labor. In about an hour and a half from when we arrived at the hospital, she had given birth to a 9 lb. 13 oz. boy.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It Works!!

With the mental assistance of Jordan and Cedric, we bought the raw materials and today I put it together. What is "it" you ask. It is the road watering system. Why does one need to water a road? To keep the dust from flying away and getting all over the cars. The dust particles are the main ingredients that keep a gravel road from becoming just rocks - it binds the pebbles and keeps the road smooth. Later, I will grade the road and put a sealant on it to better bind the gravel, but for now, enjoy the videos.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our Sunday Update

Well, our little coyote friend has been back a few times. Unfortunately, Nigel is not here to save us, so our lives are, no doubt, in mortal danger. Cute little devil, though.

We bought a huge container (275 gallons) to fill with water, which we will put on the back of the trailer and spread water down the road to keep it from further erosion, if possible. After the reunion, we will grade it with a box scraper and, if it is not too expensive, we will have it sealed. We think that will keep it from getting so bumpy and will be better for winter.

Some of you will remember the Alvarado family. They came to a Burn's Supper and Hannah helped us with an Easter family home evening they came to. We got a call from them a couple of days ago to tell us that their eight-year old son, Ian is getting baptized and asked Dad to confirm him. We went to the baptism yesterday and will see them in Church today. They have not been active and Jackie is not a member of the Church. After the baptism, the Bishop asked her to bear her testimony and Lance to give the talk on the Holy Ghost. He did an excellent job, and she stated that she intends to be baptized within the next 30 - 60 days. Her testimony really touched her dad and pretty much everyone in the room.

Jordan, Ruth and Massey joined us in our pilgrimage to Cabellas yesterday. Jordan gave Dad gift certificate for his birthday. We got a collapsible base for an air bed. We ate buffalo and elk sandwiches. Now we have been there...

Jordan and Ruth are also coming over for dinner today with Les and Mary Anderson and their son, Jeff who is going on his mission to El Salvador. We will be eating Mom's version of pupusas and Jordan will explain the finer points of missionary work in that country; such as how to hypnotize a chicken and catch rides on milk trucks. He will not need to give him pointers on soccer, since that has been banned for some reason...

Life continues to be a challenge, and a joy. Be happy and have joy in your lives. Here is a picture of last year's reunion to get you in the mood for this year.