Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grandma Dahl Came to Viist

Grandma Dahl was here for a short visit, so we got a four generation photo. She came to see the new house and spent Saturday morning in the temple with Mom. They then went shopping for clothes and for a fireplace or a stove that can replace the old oil-burning stove in her living room. She went to Church with us Sunday so Mom got to introduce her to our new ward members. Being new in the ward, we were asked to speak today, so Mom talked about Heavenly Father and I was assigned to talk about my father. Mom was also asked to say something about us; how we met, where we were from, etc. She told me before we left for Church that her introduction would be short, so I said I might have to expand on it. She looked at me very sternly and said, "Don't say anything you will regret...and I mean it!" Needless to say, her introduction was just fine. How can you not love a person like her?

Fathers' Day 2008

Massey and his Papi and Mami came to visit. Check out the cool tie with Kyuss, Clayton and Nyah! I wear it on Fathers' Day and the tie from Britta's family on Mothers' Day.

The Stonehill Two

These are the sweatshirts from our friends, Tom and Lucy Brennan that I mentioned in our last blog.

I guess the name is now official. We hope you will all come and make it all worth it.